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Experience, Not Theory

The entire business model behind Primal Rights revolves around real world experience. We know the products we sell better than anyone else, because we use them more than anyone else.

Never Settle. Ever.

We will never stop trying to ensure our customers receive the best possible rifles, optics, suppressors, and support equipment. If we don't have what you need, we will send you to where it can best be found.

Trust Has No Price.

We will never compromise our integrity. Not for untold sums of money. Not for anything. When you read what we type or hear what we say, you can count on its legitimacy being rooted in experience, not bank accounts.

Experience is the fire in which theory burns, and truth emerges.

You can only talk so much before you must get out there and see what really happens.

The staff at Primal Rights spends as much time in the field using and testing the equipment we sell as is possible. 

Giving customers the best possible information to use when making purchasing decisions is the most important part of our job. If we don't know our products, we can not help guide our customers to the equipment that will best fit their specific application.
Greg Dykstra
President, Primal Rights, Inc


The products we sell are very expensive, and a decision that important should be handled with care.  We want to talk to every single one of our customers to ensure they can get as much real world information as possible before handing over their hard earned money.  This doesn't mean we restrict your buying ability however.  We accept Visa, Mastercard, or check as payment, and will never share your information with anyone without your express permission.