You Shoot Better Unconscious

I consider myself extremely fortunate to be presented with people from all walks of life and experience levels during our Precision Rifle Fundamentals classes. We literally have had people from all over the globe come to our training. Physicists, plumbers, doctors, mechanics, farmers, and countless other professions are present in these classes. All of them arrive with varying levels of competency behind a rifle, and…

Precision Rifle Marksmanship - Breathing

This particular precision rifle fundamental is the only one that our body does automatically with no thought or action required by us to accomplish. From the time we are born, each of us instinctively knows how to breathe, even though we are alive for 9 months prior to us ever being able to take a breath.

Precision Rifle Marksmanship - Zero Force Firing Position

Building your firing position is one of the most important factors of successfully operating a precision rifle. Of all the fundamental concepts which govern the precision and accuracy we can achieve with our rifles, firing position generally has the least attention paid to it and is quite possibly the least understood.

Precision Rifle Marksmanship - Grip Technique

No matter your rifle, sighting method, firing position, or distance to target; Grip technique is one of the most important aspects of operating a precision rifle effectively.

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