Rifle Sighting Systems - Part 4: Sloped Scope Bases & Mounts

You have likely heard a reference to people talking about a "20MOA rail" or a sloped base at some point if you've spent any time around forums or other shooters. The question comes up very frequently and there are a multitude of answers given. However, most often no one takes the time to explain to the user how to choose the correct slope for themselves.

Rifle Sighting Systems - Part 3: SFP vs FFP

In the prior 2 parts to this series, you have learned about the mechanics of angular measurements and how typical rifle scopes using each system are configured. In part three we will discuss the specifics of reticles in the Second Focal Plane(SFP), First Focal Plane(FFP), and compare the differences of the two.

Rifle Sighting Systems - Part 2: Angular Mil

Having read the first part in the Rifle Sighting Systems series, you know that shooting is an angular sport. In the earlier article you learned about the MOA and IPHY units of angular measurement. Today we will go into detail about another angular unit of measure call the Angular Mil. This system has been widely used by NATO military forces since around the time of World War I as a means to sight field artillery. By…

Rifle Sighting Systems - Part 1: MOA & IPHY

Have you ever been out shooting and heard someone say something like "Come up three and a half minutes and left 2 minutes" and wonder what they were talking about? It wasn't pagan voodoo, and by the time you get done reading this article you will know exactly what that meant. Lets take a look at the MOA system and how shooters use it to accurately engage targets.

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