Play With Your Food: Clean Brass With Rice

Cleaning your brass is a necessity. Foreign material in or on our cases can cause all kinds of problems. Damage to expensive reloading dies, damage to rifles, and various other issues can arise if proper care is not taken.

Understanding Pressure

Reading pressure is a required skill that all shooters must have. Whether you are shooting factory ammunition or your own handloads, you absolutely must be able to detect and interpret pressure signs on your fired brass.

Load Development

Precision rifles are only one part of a much larger system. You can have the most precise and accurate rifle in the world, and it will be for not without everything else being on point. The shooter must do their job by accounting for environmental conditions, breaking the shot correctly, and driving the rifle properly.

Digital Scales - Exorcising the Demons

Weighing powder charges when handloading ammunition is something that requires a certain level of accuracy and consistency. I routinely read tales of woe regarding digital scales among the threads in the reloading sections on various websites. Some people have positive experiences with certain brands while others experience little or no success with any brand.

Annealing - How To Do It Right, Every Time

A simple guide on how to anneal correctly, every time, regardless of brass type or flame type.

Reloading - The Brass Log

As with any precision activity, accurate and precise shooting requires accurate and precise record keeping, so you can track your progress and eliminate variables.

Re-Programming: RCBS Chargemaster Combo

If you don't have an RCBS Chargemaster Combo, you probably need one! By reprogramming the Chargemaster, you'll cut your charge times in half, or more.

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