17HMR - Past Meets Present

It's hard to believe that 16 years have gone by since Hornady released the .17 Hornady Magnum Rimfire in 2002. The release of the 17HMR was received with excitement by some shooters. Other shooters viewed it as a total joke. Even today there is a large segment of the population that views the cartridge as entirely worthless. If you want to generate a over 10+ pages of heated argument and fierce debate on a shooting…

You Shoot Better Unconscious

I consider myself extremely fortunate to be presented with people from all walks of life and experience levels during our Precision Rifle Fundamentals classes. We literally have had people from all over the globe come to our training. Physicists, plumbers, doctors, mechanics, farmers, and countless other professions are present in these classes. All of them arrive with varying levels of competency behind a rifle, and…

The Evolution of Barrel Cleaning

There are so many different methods, tools, and opinions on rifle barrel cleaning that it would be virtually impossible to even mention them all. Barrel cleaning is quite possibly one of the most argued topics in the precision rifle world. The only thing more impressive than the number of discussions that take place regarding this topic on a daily basis is the list of available cleaning solvents which all claim to…

Play With Your Food: Clean Brass With Rice

Cleaning your brass is a necessity. Foreign material in or on our cases can cause all kinds of problems. Damage to expensive reloading dies, damage to rifles, and various other issues can arise if proper care is not taken.

Understanding Pressure

Reading pressure is a required skill that all shooters must have. Whether you are shooting factory ammunition or your own handloads, you absolutely must be able to detect and interpret pressure signs on your fired brass.

Load Development

Precision rifles are only one part of a much larger system. You can have the most precise and accurate rifle in the world, and it will be for not without everything else being on point. The shooter must do their job by accounting for environmental conditions, breaking the shot correctly, and driving the rifle properly.

Digital Scales - Exorcising the Demons

Weighing powder charges when handloading ammunition is something that requires a certain level of accuracy and consistency. I routinely read tales of woe regarding digital scales among the threads in the reloading sections on various websites. Some people have positive experiences with certain brands while others experience little or no success with any brand.

Rifle Sighting Systems - Part 4: Sloped Scope Bases & Mounts

You have likely heard a reference to people talking about a "20MOA rail" or a sloped base at some point if you've spent any time around forums or other shooters. The question comes up very frequently and there are a multitude of answers given. However, most often no one takes the time to explain to the user how to choose the correct slope for themselves.

Annealing - How To Do It Right, Every Time

A simple guide on how to anneal correctly, every time, regardless of brass type or flame type.

Precision Rifle Marksmanship - Breathing

This particular precision rifle fundamental is the only one that our body does automatically with no thought or action required by us to accomplish. From the time we are born, each of us instinctively knows how to breathe, even though we are alive for 9 months prior to us ever being able to take a breath.

Precision Rifle Marksmanship - Zero Force Firing Position

Building your firing position is one of the most important factors of successfully operating a precision rifle. Of all the fundamental concepts which govern the precision and accuracy we can achieve with our rifles, firing position generally has the least attention paid to it and is quite possibly the least understood.

Precision Rifle Marksmanship - Grip Technique

No matter your rifle, sighting method, firing position, or distance to target; Grip technique is one of the most important aspects of operating a precision rifle effectively.

Rifle Sighting Systems - Part 3: SFP vs FFP

In the prior 2 parts to this series, you have learned about the mechanics of angular measurements and how typical rifle scopes using each system are configured. In part three we will discuss the specifics of reticles in the Second Focal Plane(SFP), First Focal Plane(FFP), and compare the differences of the two.

Marksmanship - Master the Conditions

The longer you pursue long range shooting, the more you realize that maximizing your time in the field is one of the more important aspects of your advancement as a shooter. If you've not grown tired of sending volley after volley of 5-round strings into a single known-distance target...

Reloading - The Brass Log

As with any precision activity, accurate and precise shooting requires accurate and precise record keeping, so you can track your progress and eliminate variables.

Rifle Sighting Systems - Part 2: Angular Mil

Having read the first part in the Rifle Sighting Systems series, you know that shooting is an angular sport. In the earlier article you learned about the MOA and IPHY units of angular measurement. Today we will go into detail about another angular unit of measure call the Angular Mil. This system has been widely used by NATO military forces since around the time of World War I as a means to sight field artillery. By…

Rifle Sighting Systems - Part 1: MOA & IPHY

Have you ever been out shooting and heard someone say something like "Come up three and a half minutes and left 2 minutes" and wonder what they were talking about? It wasn't pagan voodoo, and by the time you get done reading this article you will know exactly what that meant. Lets take a look at the MOA system and how shooters use it to accurately engage targets.

Marksmanship - Precision & Accuracy

"I got myself a new rifle and I'm really happy with it. It's a 1/2 MOA shooter all day long, if I do my part." How many times have you been reading a forum somewhere and come across a post like that, where yet another shooter is claiming to be able to shoot 1/2 minute? Most of the time this is in reference to the groups they are seeing at 100yds.

Precision Rifle Maintenance - Barrel Cleaning

This video outlines everything you will need to know to properly clean and maintenance that precious barrel on your precision rifle. Obviously this is a highly debated topic. That is as a result of there not being too many "wrong" ways to clean your barrel.

Rifle Data Book - A Lesson in DOPE

How many rounds have I fired in this rifle? What is my come-up to 682yds when it's 73f? How much wind hold do I need in a 6mph 3 O'clock wind for a target at 500yds? How often am I cleaning the barrel? Am I becoming a better shooter, worse shooter, or staying the same? How good am I at shooting in a wind greater than 10mph?

Re-Programming: RCBS Chargemaster Combo

If you don't have an RCBS Chargemaster Combo, you probably need one! By reprogramming the Chargemaster, you'll cut your charge times in half, or more.

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